Virtual Production

MGX Studio is a revolutionary virtual production house based in Istanbul

It is Turkey's first virtual production house that aims to combine traditional and innovative cinematography techniques by building a bridge between the real world and the LED screen. Virtual Production puts all real and virtual places at your feet that can push the limits of your imagination. It allows you to complete your shots in a fast, practical and realistic way.

With virtual production;         

  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Demo shoots
  • TVC
  • Advertising shots
  • Presentations
  • Special Events and live streams

Advantages virtual production

Anywhere In The World

By shooting the scenes you want to shoot anywhere in the world in a single location with virtual production technology to minimize the cost and prevent budget explosions.

Realistic Lighting

With our LED backwall on the LED ceiling and 2 movable led panels on the stage, we offer natural stage lighting with realistic lighting.

Environmental Control

Fully freedom of designing scenes and environmental control Freedom in the 3D scene you want, the opportunity to control every dynamic within the 3D scene, such as the weather and seasonal conditions and even the golden hours during the day.

Supernatural Design

Unreal Engine environmental design and possibility to build virtual worlds. Possibility to construct and shoot virtual scenes/worlds such as supernatural or unreal environmental design or metaverse universe.


Possibility of shooting dangerous scenes in succession, without the need for a stunt or preventing the actor from being harmed.

Need for any green screen

Being able to see the scene in real time and faster shooting time. Actors can see the environment and scene in real time without the need for any green screen, making the job easier for the actor.


Reducing/preventing carbon emissions.

How to use the full potential of Virtual Production?

If you are planning to use Virtual Production in your film production, there are some rules to make your project look better. VP will not replace traditional shooting completely, but for many situations, you can achieve a similar effect, and for many more, much much better.

Firstly, we need to understand that VP is not just a background. The whole virtual scene should act like a physical set design. Computers generate an image for a specific camera position when the camera moves. So, when you think about virtual location, treat it like a physical set just behind the LED screen. You can also set up the light in a virtual part like in a traditional film set.

If you understand what’s possible in VP you can achieve a more outstanding effect. In VP the most expensive part is technology, like LED screens and render nodes. Virtual locations are relatively cheap, so if you already decided to use a virtual studio, you can push your project to the limits.

One of Virtual Production's biggest advantages is reducing film production's overall budget. But cost is not the only reason to choose Virtual Production. You can now shoot greater and more spectacular videos, without the limitations that you can meet in any other film production type. You don't need to care about materials or construction costs in the virtual part of the set. So, when planning your set design you can forget about limitations. So you can use expensive materials like gold or marble, and create constructions that are impossible or hard to build in the physical world. You pay just for the work of Unreal Engine artists.

Virtual Production was designed for moving cameras! We use camera tracking to know where the camera is. That’s why the image on LED screens is rendered for specific camera positions. The illusion works better when perspective and parallax are working. Systems for camera movement like Steadicams, techno cranes, or motion control robots work perfectly with VP.

To render the live image on LED screens we use game engines. That’s why anything possible in a computer game, is possible in Virtual Production. You can now turn off gravity, place the objects in unnatural positions or animate them in a specific way.

In Virtual Production, you decide what time of the day is, so you can shoot magic hour during the whole day or have a night in the middle of the day. You no longer need to change your shooting schedule because of the weather. You can even shoot 4 seasons on the same day. Everyone experienced in film production knows how challenging is to shoot exterior in real locations. You are limited by time of the day, sun position, or weather. We need to adjust to everything that is happening outside. In VP we do something completely different - we adjust to weather and sun position accordingly to our needs. It helps save money and time and achieve a better final effect.

Now you don't need to travel around the world to shoot different locations. So you can make your film more varied and interesting. Shooting the Arctic, desert, and tropical jungle on the same day is no longer a problem.

Well, the LED screen stands on the floor, but it’s something like a Virtual Window for the camera. That means if you put your virtual location upper than ground level it will look like it actually is. For example, you can make a scene on the rooftop, and when you will move the camera up, you will see what’s below the roof level. Or, like in Standard Chartered's commercial, go to the top of the windmill.

Changing the virtual scene to another takes only a few minutes. But you can’t move the big LED screen, so every change in the physical part of the set needs to be done in front of the screen, during a shooting day. Time is money in film production, so you must plan your set design wisely. Every set design element that actors interact with needs to be done physically. But you can put it in the virtual part if it's just in the background. However, every physical element in the set design makes your shot more realistic so you need to find a good balance.

Education Collaborations

As MGX Studio; we know the importance of education. We train qualified personel and the right teams in the field of virtual production.

We provide training for software such as Unreal Engine, Disguise etc. for university education curricula. We train college-level flu teams to combine the classic with the new.

We are expanding our education network.