Message From Owner

MGX Studio is the first Based Virtual Production Studio in Turkey which is under the structure of MGX Film.

We are, as the studio, highly aware of the fact that having a core crew which are constantly learning, is a value bigger than the investment itself. We proudly took our first steps on the way of not only achieving the 'know-how' of a new technology, but also being a studio which guides the technology rather than only following it.

Our crews’ biggest advantage and difference from other formations is, feeding a huge library of content in order to be used for projects of films, series and advertisements rather than producing only project-focused content. We both use and follow current technologies like Unreal Engine, Unity, Notch constantly. Our R&D unit within our crew is experimenting on both software and hardware besides integrated and new technologies.

Enriching the future of ‘production’ with technology and content; and reaching the point of leading and feeding the sector with content while doing so is one of our main goals.  Virtual Production is a process and system which optimizes costs on high-budget projects such as cinema, TV series and saves time for everyone. We are certainly aware of the fact that it is not easy to break the ongoing discipline by disrupting habits. Yet, we are also aware that the world is changing and moving towards new directions and technologies.

We adopted the idea of bringing new and sustainable technologies to the sector. Our crew is made of dedicated workers who are young but also experienced in their field.

While living the pride of kick-starting the golden age of production, we are eagerly and impatiently waiting for our creation to be crowned with many firsts and initials.